KAMA Digital Solutions Company Limited at a Glance

KAMA Digital Solutions Company Limited is full-serviced digital solutions provider incorporated under the Companies Act, 2002 by the Business Registration Board (BRELA) with registration No. 134501. The company was co-founded and owned by two Tanzanians with its headquarters in Dodoma, the Capital City.

KAMA Digital Solutions is  a guru in software development and innovative solutions and services, believe that  in the modern age of ours web-based systems are order of the day in order to enhance self-service, mobility and to overturn limits of working hours for one to get service.

At KAMA our tradition is to research  on the problem and invent a system based on the same problem(s) in order to offer a practical solution. This has rewarded our customers immeasurably as we offer solutions to every customer regardless of the magnitude of their business. We invent varieties of systems designed to serve small, middle across to large business and services. Once you come to us you will only regret not to know us before. Our idea is simple: to revolutionize businesses operations by digital inclusion.


The Company’s vision is: To grow into a model dependable and competing institution in provision of a state of the art ICT services in the country and East Africa.

Our Mission

The Company’s mission is: To revolutionize businesses operating and services provision by promoting and advancing adoption of ICT and innovations as strategic resources for improvement of productivity and efficiency.



Let’s digitize your Business!